SMR-4 filter analysis

Hi all,

In the true spirit of open hardware and transparency, I’ve decided that I’ll provide, for some of the Shruthi-1 filter boards, documentation about all the calculations I had to do when designing the filters. It’s a bit like writing course material, so it looks fun to me!

I’ve started with the filter section of the SMR-4 board.

I hope it’ll be helpful for those who want to learn a bit more about electronics.


Many many many thanks

That’s what I’m talkn’ 'bout.

No, really…

Thanks a ton.


Although this is way over my head, I really appreciate it, especially the easy to read style, in the hopes that one day my electronics knowledge will improve enough to use it!

Another technical document, this time about the extra HPF (actually it’s a LPF subtracted to the original signal) built into the SSM2044 board.

How to make VCFs with VCAs?

This document will grow as I’m planning other filter boards based on the SSM2164 quad VCA, this time in more interesting configurations than the standard 4-pole LPF.

Olivier, if you ever decide to give some classes count me in!