Small USB midi host

Today i thought of something i would like to have but i don’t think it exists yet.
Maybe it is something to be build in a futute midipal version.

A small device that can act as a Usb midi host to make use of all the usb only midi controllers out there. Like my APC40 or a korg nanokeys toghether with the shruthi?.. And maybe even so that you can program it like you can program live with max to use the APC as a standalone midi sequencer?

A bit like this?

This one too.

yes like that!
I didn’t know these yet. thnx

keep in mind that all those only work with class compliant midi devices

And if you already have a famous smartphone, may be this device will also work ??

Since i saw this video this weekend i was looking what they use to play the Tetras with a nanokey,

Cool to use a Shruthi with a nanokey, but a bit expensive just for this…

it would be really cool to build a shruthi in a case with the keys from the microkeys.
i was wondering if there are some midi retrofit solutions i could use to hack the key scanning.

Has anyone else come across options for what shiftr was trying to accomplish? I had the same thoughts of using a Korg micro keys with my new Shruthi, too.

The iConnectmidi 2+ is really close to being awesome in my opinion but it doesn’t act as a USB host. The 4+ model does but otherwise is overkill for just one or two controllers and one or two synths.

While I’m dreaming, my ideal would be a Microkey 61 split to control my Shruthi and a sampler, probably a sampler app on an iPod touch like SampleWiz.

looking for this aswell.

this one does it… but it’s a bit expensive for something wich doesn’t really do anything.

Raspberry pi can do this with a class compliant midi itnerface and aconnect:

i realy should be getting into pi soon…

Collin Gunningham from Make have made one with an Arduino and a usb host shield,
The shield can be found on EBay for 25 euros.

Also on my todo list is trying to compile this for the pi:

Teensy should be able to do this since it’s capable of reading usb-midi. Was looking into that myself but never got to actually purchase the teensy board. The idea of using all the tiny & cheap controllers for diy synths is really tempting.
Check here:

it acts as a usb midi device, not sure if it has usb host functionality.

Hmm, indeed it seems like Teensy 2.0 acts like usb midi device only. Teensy 3.0 working as usb host should be implemeted soon (or is already?) but it runs at 3.3V which will most probably be a problem.

why would it be?

Has anyone come across this yet?: