Small stick on writing?

Anyone know where i can get some small stick on letters for marking up some 3.5mm sockets? Like this?

I used transparent laser decal sheet to create labels for a Shruthi XT. It worked great, but you can’t print white. You can check out the results in this thread

Shruthi Decals

You could also try to find some dry transfer sheets of the correct size.

I’ve been looking at those little electronic Dymo printers (They still make those old school embossed plastic label printers too
I believe the modern ones can print onto a clear plastic tape. And they are cheap)
I expect they won’t give the most professional look for a synth. But for my upcoming project, I think it will do just fine…

I have one of the DYMOs, and the decals look ok(ish)… The resolution isn’t very good, but they work well for labeling stuff :slight_smile:

Not exactly a Dymo…

I would call mine Michelle , and I would hug it, and kiss it, and…

joking aside, awful website for we who are not fluent in German. Click on English and it just bounces you back to the homepage (in English)
where errors are legion.

What do you expect ? Google translate terrorism :wink:

Great, now I want a Dymo-Mite.
I have a thing for old(ish) tools.


i love oldfashiond dyno labeling… sneak thief has build realy good looking stuf with dyno labeling

yep and for the first old moog it was good enough too.
my skills weren’t that convincing (blue tape on raw aluminum) , but i use them for my parts drawers.