Small Groovebox Style Modular

Hey guys, I am trying to build a small groovebox type modular, probably a 54hp Erthenvar. This will be my first modular. I don’t have any other modular gear right now, beside a Nord Modular.

Here is what i’m thinking…
-1x Grids (This module is what made we want to get into modular in the first place.)
-2x Peaks (Drums / LFO)
-1x Tides (Modulation / Complex Oscillator)
-1x Make Noise Optomix (Filter / VCA)
-Various Erthenvar 1u tiles (FSR’s, Switches, Sum)

Other modules I am interested in for the future (Too big): Pressure Points, Edges, Frames, Braids, Shelves, Maths, Rosie, and Planar.

What do you guys think? Will I be able to get some decent grooves from these modules? The only one I’m not sure about is Optomix. I’m not familiar with LPG’s.

Hm. If you want a groovebox you might be better off getting one. The new Electribes are supposed to be nice.

How 'bout an Anushri and some additional processing modules? Although there’s always some discussion about this, an LPG tends to act like an LPF, at least in my limited experience. Google for a definition of LPG and that’s the sort of thing that comes up. If it’s vactrol-based with a strike input of some sort (like the MN MMG for example), you can get some “traditional” Buchla-ish bongos going.

I would want to add something like a Hexinverter mutant hi-hat.

I’m not looking for a groovebox. I’m looking for a modular synth that can make grooves. I used to love doing this on my Evolver. I’d get a sequence going on one or two oscs, use a pitch envelope on another osc for the kick, and sequence noise for a snare. I’m not looking to make a particular type of music. I just want to build a Eurorack that I can jam on, building cool loopy sequences and weird sounds.

please listen to piscione and consider the anushri: it is close to perfect for a small self-contained groovebox style modular. Maybe there will be a possibility to do a run of eurorack faceplates also (probably not the original ones, still good looking ones i am sure).

With anushri you get: a grids-type drum sequencer with build in sounds plus a monosynth and some generative play modes. Add a Tides, a Peaks, maybe the new dual VCA/VCF/compressor (rather than optomix), plus some utility (a mixer) and you should have a nice and versatile system. I would not go for Grids in a 54hp system.

Grids cannot generate CV sequences. There must be something better. Maybe Yarns? Even without MIDI input, you can enter sequences note by note with the encoder ; and once you’ve got something running it is still possible to scroll through the steps with the encoder and edit the sequence without interrupting it.

The Anushri is an awesome sounding synth, and was my first introduction to Grids. That said, I’m looking to break into modular. I don’t want or need another subtractive monosynth. I want to get into making crazy FM type sounds using cool modulators and novel interfaces.

I know grids only outputs triggers. I obviously won’t be making very melodic sequences with this setup. I want to expand down the road. If I am dying for a sequencer, the Nord can output CV’s from its headphone jack, but I don’t really want to make programmed sequences. I prefer to use multiple LFO’s synced, and other random type sequencing setups.

Not modular, but it’s a drumsynth and has crazy FM options. Sonic Potions LXR. Although it is a DIY project.

I would build the rack around an oscillator and some lots of modulation to start with. Tides can be an amazing oscillator, so I can only recomment it. Not sure I would get a LPG in this setup, Tides has all the sound-shaping features already there, you even get a VCA to modualte the amplitude of the wave, Instead of the Optomix you could get some utility like Shelves and a good buffered multiple. Since you’re into grooves and beats apparently I’d also look into clock dividers.

Oh yeah and second that about the LXR, with the trigger expansion you get trigger outputs for all 7 parts + clock/reset in and out

I ended up with a bunch of VCOs, some filters, three of Frank’s Black Sequencers, Pamela’s Workout for clocks and a few quantizers. I toss some CVs into the sequencers, more or less randomly (a bit of thought but not much), tweak the quantizers (uScale or Distings), fool with the tuning on the VCOs to get whatever harmony I might be able to get, and then fine tune a bit by tossing some CVs into the filter or VCO linear or exponential FM inputs, and maybe a bit of silliness with the reset inputs on the sequencers.

>> I’m looking to break into modular. I want to get into making crazy FM type sounds using cool modulators and novel interfaces.

My only advice then would be to plan on getting a bigger case right from the start. If you want to explore you’ll need some more rackspace. Not that you can’t do cool things with a lunch box or even a beauty case, but … (you already know whats going to happen, don’t you?)

Damnit guys. I guess I’ll stick with the Nord Modular for now.

with what you list there at the start, adding a yarns would make it a groovebox esq kind of thing.

Yarns, giving you the built in sequencer… send the clock to grids… put the tides on the sheep firmware and hey presto patch the audio route you want from there.

Also as yarns is a great midi interface you can easily connect to a daw. Tides is much more powerful with the sheep firmware in terms of sonics, as the wave table sweeps give filter like stuff. You could realistically drop the filter and add another peaks for envelopes.

I’ve got a pretty minimal setup here in terms of actual sound makers, it’s more about pushing modulation and control’s to the extreme. At first I started out with just a makenoise mysteron and a really cheap lfo… Even that was enough to allow me to write a couple of tracks.

I can only second what Janniz said. Get a 6U case. You can get pretty affordable mixer cases from Thomann, this is what I got:
add some rails and rack ears from Clicks&Clocks, some busboards from fcd72 or some other maker and a Meanwell PSU and you’re set up to accomodate modules for the next years… or months, depending on the availability of funds…

There’s also the aluminimum electricians tool boxes, I’m building a 6u one myself with the doepfer diy kit.

All in all comes to £160 with the XLR connector panels for the power. I may splash out £3 more for lift off hinges!

I’m working roughly off this post

I’m still working on this idea, I haven’t managed to push it out of my head yet. Been spending a ton of time on modular grid. Also been spending a bunch of time on the Nord Modular.

This is a dual Cell 48 Case I’ve been planning:
Tides + Mysteron = Sound Sources (These two modules are definitely happening)
Grids + Z8000 + Disting = Trig and CV Sequencing (Z8000 is big, but I think clocking it with grids’ triggers could be really cool. Disting would act as a quantizer / slew limiter for this setup.)
Audio Damage Grainshift (Sounds too good to pass up).

12HP open. Not sure of the best way to fill this. Peaks, 2nd Disting, some kind of mixer…?

why not going with cheap rails and tiptop z-ears? cheapest solution and when you finish a row you can always expand with a second one.
i’m finishing my first 84hp row, with u-zeus as power supply. i’ll gig with it, it fits one stage of my pelican case, leaving room for another 84hp row and accomodating my two elektron grooveboxes on top, so i find it a very convenient way to start a modular system for cheap, instead of ahead-planning a fixed cabinet.

A trio of Peaks? I don´t see much modulation plus you get drums.
Or a Makenoise Function and 2 Peaks