Small Bear V2164D all orders shipped (9/19/12)

i’m gonna order some 2164 either from
Small Bear Electronics
Mammoth Electronics

Post in this thread if you like to join.
it’s probably gonna be Mammoth, they also offer shipping insurance and they have large numbers in stock.

if it was only for myself i’d probably use regular USPS for the cheapness, as it’s my own risk then.
but since it’s a group buy i’m thinking of using registered mail (they offer UPS) depending on what shipping insurance actually means at mammoth’s.
i’ll have a closer look at the options tonight.
please post what you think about it, UPS is probably quite expensive from U.S. to Germany.

myself: 10
MicMicMan: 20
ikke: 20
Jojjelito: 20
waldshrut: 10
Smugrik: 5
fcd72: 20
6581punk: 10
Fr@nk: 5
DrKorg: 10
shiftr: 5
ilmenator: 20
ermangaver: 10
Total: 165
that’s 2.24$ / Chip at Mammoth Electronics

165 ordered from smallbear. shipping is 39$

im not trying to sabotage anything, just keeping the flow :wink:

Mammoth worked fine for me when I got a few of their on-on-on DPDT switches
It’s a far better deal than getting the similar Apems or C&K 7211 for lotsadollars a pop. Yes, Smallbear also have those.

i’d really love to see St Louis.
but this was really a weak attempt to derail, no offense, but seems a bit lazy compared to fcd72’s most glamorous sabotage efforts ;D

back to track:
i just got word from Small Bear, saying they have in fact much higher stock of V2164D, they just didn’t update in time.
from 100 to 249 the price is just 1 cent higher than Mammoth’s and given that i consider small bear a very well trusted business whom i had only good experience with in the past and never dealt with Mammoth so far i’d rather prefer dealing with the bear again if all agree.

now i’ve asked for shipping costs for registered mail with tracking.

One of my favorite spots in St Louis is Dressel’s Pub. Great food and beer! I was just down there a couple weeks ago for work.

Or drive home (Georgia) from home (st. Louis-meaning where I’m from and where I’m visiting for a wedding ). I did however bring a certain digital analog hybrid device with me for in depth testing and diversion during the wee hours!

FYI, Monday is a holiday here in the US so everything is closed.

happy happy joy joy, labour day?

Yessir. A day to drink and grill

no it’s not too much. in fact it doesn’t change shipping cost whether we order 100 or 165 or more. the more we order the lower the price goes per chip. so there’s also no point in denying orders lower than 10.
i haven’t had an answer yet, so i guess we’ll wait till monday, maybe they reply by then.
as for the shipping insurance i believe that only covers damage during transport, not actually loss (assumption). there’s another shipping option, USPS Express for about 50$. i have no idea what that means. is that a more reliable sort of unregistered mail?
another thing: it’s not my decision at all. it’s the decision of the people who order, as they’ll have to know which price they like to pay. the packing and shipping is not a big hassle for me. i also don’t need them right now with terrible urgence, i just know i will need them, for the Seppoman VCAs, because i’ll use those for the Ambika now.
Maybe there’ll be a solution with a good price and reasonable low risk.

I think you just have to be in the EU?

Anyway, if 10 is too much then I’ll drop my quantity or drop out. I probably only need a couple.

Wish I were in germany, would love to get in on this group buy!

same here, so we can be sure there will be import taxes on this one, while, if you order 20 directly you may get away without being taxed, and have it sent directly to you for a few bucks.

on the other hand, IF there is a free shipping treshold at mammoth’s and we’d have to do it bigger in order to meet it you’d have to pay up front, which is something i’d rather avoid.
let’s see what Mammoth say about the insurance

haha that would be nice wouldn’t it?
i just requested info about free shipping / shipping insurance for USPS mail.

isn’t there anybody who knows a guy at mouser who would be willing to silently stock them for us?

Further here in Italy they apply import taxes only over a certain threshold of expense (45 euros).

You decide Rosch!
I agree with you if there’s no or little saving on them in the end.

Hum, the conclusion is interesting, it might still be possible to get them individually from a europe-based resseller like Newtone though the chips are almost two times more expensive than at mammoth, we might still save on shipping costs :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was thinking about the same regarding the quantities and everything. The advantage was the price discount relative to the number of chips ordered, but at mammoth this discount isn’t very important - and you get the hassle of having to send everything to various places. Maybe if you remove the “big” requests (people with 10 or more chips) it’s worth again?

How much do we need to order to get free shipping?