Slide/Tie + Sequencer + Jam mode

Hi guys, can someone point me in the right direction for proper use of slide/tie with the sequencer, in jam mode? It doesn’t seem to work at all for me - I get the exact same envelope re-trigger with either - or ♪. It’s supposed to hold the envelope and just change the pitch of the note, yes? And if legato is on and portamento > 0 in the system menu, do portamento as well?


I don’t have a MIDI cable handy to check this with normal sequencer triggers from MIDI. Does it work as I described that way?

Can anyone help with this? Even triggering the sequence by MIDI (no jam mode) I can’t get slide/tie to work. Legato + Porta works fine when just playing notes via MIDI, but doesn’t work with sequencer.


That’s odd. I think you just have to overlap the notes to get slide to work. There isn’t a way to apply accent to notes via MIDI, though, to my knowledge. I did ask Olivier to implement accent on MIDI-triggered notes with high velocity values, but I don’t think he implemented it.


Yeah that works - if I trigger it directly with MIDI and have overlapping notes. But when using the sequencer mode inside the Shruthi, you can set notes to ‘-’ which according to the manual is a slide/tie style note. But this isn’t working for me in 1.02…

Ah, sorry, I thought you were talking about the Anushri, for some reason. Sorry about that.


No worries. I’ve checked the firmware changelog and it hasn’t been taken out or anything.

Does no one else use the slide/tie function of the sequencer? Even the default init sequence has ties programmed in that don’t have any effect… I must be doing something wrong?