Slide Potentiometers

This is not related to an MI product - sorry about that… I’m building a MIDI controller for someone, and have 100k sliding pots from But I am less than impressed with the quality… Does anyone have an opinion on nice ones? The problem with these is the feel cheap, scratchy, and don’t even have equal travel - only by a mm here or there - but it’s enough to look uneven. I was considering Alpha options from Banzai, but I have never used them, rather just the brand is reputable.

The Alpha ones look like the ones used in the turing machine, and they’re very good, so I’d say go ahead :slight_smile:

yep +1 for the alpha ones, I have the turing machine expansions and those sliders are great! Take those with the led tips for extra blinkenlight action! :smiley:

OK, good stuff. I’ll go into Banzai on monday and check them out.

If anyone is interested, she is finished. Now I can go back to Mutable projects…

Props to rumpelfilter for the graphics.

Looking WOW!
What did you use for brain?

It’s a Doepfer USB64. So it leaves 32 pins available for future expansion. It would be easy enough to cut a port in the back of the case and connect a second box with the other 32 controlls to it.

@supercollider that looks awesome! Any details on how you did the enclosure? Looks super nice!

I would be interested into a few words about the layout, as it looks quite special.

@joshuagoran The case is a Hammond case, which was cut and powdercoated by Schaeffer here in Berlin.

@nightworxx It’s a custom job for a friend of mine. He is a touring DJ/producer, this is to replace an Evolution UC-33 which he was using for his live show. So the layout is for 4 channels of loops, one for melodies, one for vocals, one for a TR-909 and one for his partner in crime.

In the studio:

The internals:

People on the Elektron forums would go nuts for that thing as a companion to the Octatrack for live performance. In fact, it’s in the prototype stage: