SJS-ONE - Devsound Releases Arduino Synth Sheild!

The headline pretty much says it all.

Really short info:
It has Midi in, Nice filterchip ( and audio out.
It come with two starter applications that can be downloaded from our site:
A 4-voice polyphonic synth with supersaw and nice pwm for the pulse-oscillator.
A Drum/Sfx-generator.
Both of them make very good use of the filter and can be controlled with a programmer made in puredata. (wich will be released soon)

Nuff talking from me!
check it out:


Really interested in the mod mode! Any plans to be able to play tracker instruments via midi with it? hardware st-01 synth would ruuuuul.

The use of the Max261 looks interesting.

4 voices polyphonic? In the digital word maybe! But it seems that their’s only one analog filter (not 4, for notes (envelopes) triggered at different times ) in this board? i made the same “mistake” few month ago!

Any way, the demos sounds are really nice !

herrprof: There is no plans on expanding the mod-player at the moment. But its fully open so that the community can dig in to it!

joma: yeah, the arduino produces four voices but there is only one filter so every time you press a new key the filter-envelope is retriggered. similar to a sidchip that also only has one filter but multiple voices.

With the SID they rarely used the filter and when they did they were often using it on one channel since they had to do drums, bass and leads all with one chip.