Size of the Knobs?

Hi There
I’m brand new here so would love to introduce myself “HI” I have a couple of questions.

I’m awaiting my very first Shruthi and so excited about putting it all together. I would like to custom the synth with some rotary knobs however as I’ve not received it yet I don’t know what size rotary knobs I should get? If someone could let me know that would be magic and then I can crack on and order some knobs.

I also want to know what LED’s I should get for it too? as got a couple of ideas I want to try out and would like to know what size LED’s I should get.

Also the buttons on the Shruthi front panel I would like to get white ones how do I go about getting other buttons too?

Any help with links and size would be magic, thanks for reading this.
take care

Hi Ian,
this are the white version of the buttons.
Shruthi’s leds are normally 3mm but 5mm should work as well. You have to match te current limeting resistors to the leds you want to use.
For knobs there is lot’s of options and choices. This are the standard ones.

Ah great thanks for your reply buddy :slight_smile: will take a look at the buttons do they have to be a certain width and depth?

thanks for the various links extremely handy indeed :slight_smile:

the shruthi kit potentiometers have a d-shaped shafts, this means they are supposed to be fitted with push-on d-shaft knobs. other knobs have a screw to fix the knob on the shaft. not every knob will work, some might have a too short screw for example, if you find a knob you like post about it here, someone will probably have tried it already

Welcome Ian. Some people have used the DJtechtools knobs, a little spendy, but they fit. If you change the LED color, e.g. you like blue, you need different resistors. You might use search, the info is definitely on the forum.

Have fun! There are some amazing mods posted here.

Hey thanks all for your replies :slight_smile:

These are the ones I’m after

Anyone know if these are right i’m thinking they need to be D knobs now and not slide on ones.


Those seem quite expensive. I get my knobs (including those specific ones) from here.

The ones from ebay HiFreak1c linked to were 2 for £1.54 though, that is 0.90€ per knob. I would check these out:

they are also 0.90€ per knob but cheaper if you buy more :slight_smile:
Also, are you sure you want 23mm diameter knobs? The ones included in the shruthi kit are 16mm.

I don’t think they are that expensive. It’s a pack of two, and it’s free postage… 77 pence each, vs 80 cents each and then add postage…

The Musikding ones are the ones I use regularly…

Ah cool yeah will take a look at the various links you think they will be ok? I want them as the four knobs at the front and a different one for the other knob at the top. What diameter do you think I should get do you think they are to large?

I just noticed that the knobs on ebay you linked to have a TOP diameter of 23mm and bottom diameter of 27mm. I think the center to center distance between the pots on the shruthi is around 27mm, so 27mm bottom diameter knobs will not work very well.

If you go with the knobs stimresp linked to, which have a BOTTOM diameter of 23mm and top diameter of 19mm you will have a distance of 8mm between the tops of the knobs, which is not very good, unless you have very thin finger or like getting your fingers squeezed.

As for what size to get, I don’t know, I use the ones included in the shruthi kit :slight_smile:

I kind of like these… they are a bit small maybe but they fit well on the shruthi pots and look great!

Wicked looks awesome mate I’m more after metal one tbh. Would these be ok?

Really want ones that are on Boss RE-20’s.

I have seen similar ones on a Shruthi before… But the ones you linked won’t work because they are for knurled shafts.

Ah ok buddy will keep searching :slight_smile:

Hi Freak1c, welcome to the forum! Funny you said that was looking at my RE-20 just thinking how cool the knobs were the other day. If you find them post a link! x jk