Single Cycle Waveforms Depository

As per a conversation in another thread, lets use this stream to share archives and/or generators for single cycle waveforms. Information and tips on what synths / samplers use them or sound best using them would be very useful too. And yes I will include the AKWP pack when I get home and can upload some more. For starters here again is the Kawai K3 Single Cycle Waveforms as mentioned on the other thread:
Have fun!

My favorite waveform player right now is littlegptracker:

The pack and every individual folder within it are downloadable from the source. 4,300 single cycle waves will keep you busy for months.

Personal faves are the SQ80 waves.

Download the Blofeld Wavetable Creator and generate waves that can be saved as .wav files to be used in any compatible synth, not just the Blofeld.

Thank you, though I feel it´s better to have one at a time :wink:

@toddADSR cool thanks for that link to the player. interesting page.

Late to the party…@toddADSR unfortunately that link for the K3 single cycles doesn’t work anymore, am I too too Late?

Quick question, does anyone know if there is a tool to create a range of pitched wavetables? Like a simple 3 duty cycle sweep square wave at c3-c4 at some arbitrary sample rate?

Also: I dumped a bunch of ensoniq waveforms from the binary rom in wave format here:

Not single cycle, but Here are the SQ80 waveforms

I can upload everything again.