Single-channel sound after first use

I built my synth, and I have a problem, it only listening on a channel. listen very hard, but just for a way out. Does anyone know what the problem? Can you help me?

It is normal, the output is mono.

Can you explain how the synth is connected to your mixer / amp / soundcard?

i find it hard to understand what you mean.

is the output signal very calm?
do you mean it recieves only one midi channel?

i think if you describe your problem some more, you will get quick help.

I suspect blame77 has plugged a pair of jacks to the 2 connectors at the back of the unit, expecting them to be stereo outputs rather than 1 output and 1 input.

Thanks, and sorry for my english, I’m a bit stupid, you’re absolutely right, I thought the synth was 2 outputs … thanks again … ::::))))

@blame77 easy mistake to make- I did the same thing with another synth kit I built recently.