Single 2N3906 needed

Dear all,

I am about to finish my first Shruthi, the 4PM kit. I have ordered all the missing parts from Reichelt, but when assembling I lost one of the 2N 3906 transistors - I am pretty sure there were 2 pieces in that little plastic bag, but after soldering in the first one I cannot find the second any more. I actually spent 2 hours searching for the little bastard but it seems to be lost. I know, stupid me… With the minimum order and shipping to Norway Reichelt does not make any sense, and the same basically goes for all the other mail order options. Is there a kind soul who would happen to have a spare 2N3906 and be willing to send it to me? Paypal or bank transfer for compensation of costs. I am located in Norway, PM me for my address, thanks a lot!

Thanks, ilmenator

Maybe one day we will be able to print parts or even complete circuits using a special printer.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be a tattle-tale, but I dropped a couple of 3906s in a padded envelope I had gotten for return of goods purposes that just sat there, used an old stamp that would never see any use (who writes letters in this day and age?) and merrily went to the supermarket’s post-office counter since I had to pick up some small packages anyway. I had to add a couple of SEK for the postage so I used coins that I’d normally use for parking or just try to get rid off. I hate coins! Parking is usually paid with my gas/petrol card or mobile…

I don’t see any company being able to use leftovers on the fly just to ship a couple of transistors as a small favor just to collect a little karma-points in case they need some help further down the line.

Economy: create a non-profit service from leftovers (goods, time, coins!). The real world doesn’t operate like that.

Oh, i know it costs, but A) This is a very small scale supplier, mostly for hobbyists, B)Dansk Post/Danish post hasn’t gone ballistic like Deutsche post yet, so they essentially have monopoly on shipping stuff (there are other players, but somehow they all end up costing more inside Denmark), and C)You can’t choose a different shipping option, for example sending that one resistor/capacitor as a letter instead of a packet would mean it would cost 8kr+2/3kr for packaging to ship, VS shipping it as a package, where the base price is 80kr (which is what they do)…+the same 2/3kr for packaging… :frowning:

Maybe look at it from that suppliers View. Every Order has about the same base amount of work to do like generating an Process, Printing a Receipt, Pick the Items, Pack a Box, Print an Invoice, Print and Stick a label and register the Parcel to the Delivery Service, you need someone to do it (cost of Work), you need some Space to do it (more Costs) and you need additional Material (a Box isn’t for free, nor packing Material), the Internet guy that develops and runs the shop you ordered expects some money to buy Espresso and more additional Accounting its to be done so this adds up to about the 10-12€ you see.

And for all of this it doesn’t matter if you just order one item (price of the Item is rather pointless) or half a zillion items. Picking more items doesn’t add much more for the Costs. Our Service Supplier we work with asks a Base cost of about 4€ per Order + 22ct for each item picked + Shipping Costs.

So what should the supplier do? Calculate so that the shipping costs are included with the Parts? Would you buy there a 1/4W 1% Resistor for 75ct each then? No?

So its just an honest way to separate the costs for Shipping, isn’t it?

BTW, i just talked to a Customer that complained that I charge 7,90€ for Shipping via DPD - the clever Buchhändlerin™ said Hermes would only charge 3,30€. I told her i gladly would ship per Hermes, i only would charge for the 9km i have to travel to their office to drop the Parcel, the time needed therefor and for the time to need to register to their Service and do their akward registering Process, so shipping would be something about 80€ :wink: then. She canceled then her 12€ Order.

@Titus that’s NOTHING!
You can buy one single 1nf capacitor by mail order here(Denmark) for a couple of cents, and still pay 10-12$ shipping… :frowning:
Mind you, this is for a “local” shop, not some fancy international order… Grrrr…

I get insanely fast from them too. They usually finish the pick and pack the order up the same day (usually in the middle of the night in North Dakota) and then I get it in a day by USPS. I wonder how they do that? Do they keep people there 24/7 or is it somehow automated?

Depends, it used to be that Digikey was cheaper on displays and a few other things. Plus, they ship and deliver insanely fast to me in Sweden. Mouser is only fast.

I like the sound of your town/village. Sounds nice actually.

I understand what you’re saying. I was just joking. It’s expensive to place an order for a $0.30 part and pay $5.00 shipping. I usually try to order extras so I have spare parts and that usually makes the orders more worthwhile.

I have found that Mouser seems to have better prices than Digikey lately for smaller orders… So much so that I’ve stopped shopping at Digikey. I probably should do more comparison shopping but the last few times that I checked, Mouser was much less expensive and the shipping costs and delivery times (for me anyway) are about the same.

Anyone else notice this?

Not all ppl in Sweden do this on Fridays, but a good one never the less :slight_smile:

Personally I’m gonna roll past the post in the supermarket and pick up moar toys…
No, it isn’t transistors (at least not in TO-92 packages).

Tusen takk, I’ll go with Jojjelito’s offer - I checked back and the tranny is really the only part that is missing for completion…

There are no transistors to be had in all of Norway?

There are, but shipping costs here are extreme, so if I mailordered them it would literally double the cost of the components that were not part of the kit… And my place does not have any shop apart from a gas station, a supermarket and a flower shop that goes out of business every now and then :-/.

You can haz PM. Sweden to the rescue!

Eventually he will have more 2N3906s than anybody else - build this

Shit - you are the only one in Norway

If you don’t find anything nearer ill ship one 2 you…