Singing Drums & Cheerful Bass

Here’s a little lazy track prominently featuring Anushri on the bass. I sure love this synth. :slight_smile:

Great piece. I’m really into that kinda atmospheric but still joyful and with lots of hi-hats feel at the moment :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Plone.
Nice work.


What else did you use on this track? I really dig the rhythm and the background chord part…reminds me of an old organ or Casio, both pretty high on my list of Favorite Sounds®

The rhythm part was made from 808 samples (there are even some cowbells hidden in there near the end). The chords come from my Alpha Juno run through a 4-band vocoder using the drum track as the modulator signal.

The Anushri is almost dry except for a little delay. There’s a decent amount of delay and reverb on the vocoder output, and some of the drum sounds have their own reverb and delay as well as you’ve probably heard. :slight_smile:

There’s a little compression on the final mix, but nothing too much (the new Glue Compressor in Live 9 is really nice imho).

This was all done in Ableton Live with the Anushri and the Alpha Juno as the only external instruments.