Simple amplifier circuit to boost a weak line-level signal


I would buy a PCB for this project; I have 3 Boutique instruments and have noticed the same thing about low levels, which is not so much of a problem for recording (I just run them through a good clean front end), but if i want to bring the Boutique into Euroland, things get wonky. You’ve built a beautiful little solution there…


:joy::persevere::joy: Just like the first generation of iMacs?


Exactly! I also plan to move it into an all-aluminum dark grey pro enclosure two decades from now… :wink:


Thanks, but credit really should go to @pichenettes; I pretty much just did what he told me to. :slight_smile:

Let’s find out if there are others. I’ll see if I can get my hands dirty with PCB design and production if there’s enough interest.


Tried to see if there’s any difference in noise between the small linear power supply and the Traco Power TRN1-1222 today. Here’s a normalized recording with the linear supply first, followed by the Traco Power. (1.5 MB)

I can’t say I hear any real difference. Please note that this is with a TR-09 plugged in and the levels on the mixer and the audio interface all turned up.