Silly question about pots


I’ve got a silly question concerning the pots provided with Frank’s programmer…

As these pots are intended to be pcb mounted, there is a tiny piece of metal near the pot axis which make them impossible to mount on a slim plate…

So, to be sure the pot is firmly fixed to the plate and making a 90° angle with it, do I have to drill another hole so that this “spike” fits in the plate? Or do I simply need to put another M7 diameter nut at the back of the plate…ie from the outside to the inside of the enclosure:

pot axis
nut given with the pot
another M7 nut

I really feel like I’m dumb with this…

Thanks guys !



if you like to be sure that the pot’s body won’t be able to turn at all you could drill another hole.
but you can very easily break off the spike with a pair of pliers.

yes it’s just there to stop the pot slipping round when you turn it

like rosch said you can cut it off if you can’t be bothered with it

If I cut it, am I sure the pot won’t turn around its axis ?

Is it safier to drill a hole ?

You, DIY gurus, how do you use these pots (uncut or cut ?)



Yo Tom,

if you tighten the screw and use a washer the Pots will be fine even without this nipple. If you are concerned about loosening, just use a drop of Glue to secure the Screw (any Polyacrylic Type or LocTite™ ). If you want to use 2 screws i’d recommend to use also 2 washers…

Ok, so I’ll break the nipple Thanks you all Soon to come, photos of my programmer…