Sigh (Some People)

BRAND NEW - Mutable Instruments Blades Eurorack Module Ultra RARE Discontinued | eBay :grimacing:

I will sell mine for 2,395.

It’s a deal :sunglasses:

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Oh look. they’ve got an Edges and Elements available for similarly unreasonable prices (though not nearly as ridiculous)

So glad I got one from the last batch, at this rate I can retire in a few years :rofl:


Jeez…at first I thought it said ‘Discounted,’ not ‘Discontinued’!


I really don’t see it going this way considering it’s all open source.

But I was very, very wrong about that silly thing B*****n that was released onto the world, so what do I know about what people find worth dumb money.

Not much else to say apart from remembering: “A fool and his money are easily parted”… :thinking:

Well, at least I’d rather have a Blades over the new OP-1 field, Lol. Blades is more innovative

Edges is still in stock at some stores! That is quite aspirational.

Scalpers and amongst the lowest of people …


No f***ing chance!!!

I dunno…someone just gave you a horse. Don’t become its orthodontist. The offer “won’t last for long”!