Sidekick's rate1-rate2-A1-A2-R1-R2 pots

Hi, on the silkprint of the pcb I read 100kA (audio logarithmic) for these pots. In the BoM I’ve read that I can use 50kA. But in the Bom R1and R2 are 10klinear. Is it right the silkscreen or the bom.
I have put 10k lin on F,Q,AR1,AR2,LFO1, LFO2, is it correct according silkprint? Sorry, I wait you before messing things.

Hmm, it looks like you think that the “R1” and “R2” in the BOM mean “Rate 1” and “Rate2”. This is not correct. References in the BOM like R1, R2, refer to the parts name in the schematics.

If you look at the schematics, you’ll find that the Rate1 and Rate2 pots are R3 and R4. And the BOM correctly lists those as 100k Audio, just as printed on the silkscreen!

Sorry, but R1and R2 writed on PcB is 100kA. is it correct? i don’t want make noob mistakes.

It says R1 and R2 on the silkscreen, this refers to Release 1 and Release 2. It isn’t the component number.

So long as you use a 50 or 100k pot it doesn’t matter.

I mean R1 pot close to AR1TRIG and R2 pot close AR2TRIG are 100kA (50kA in my sourced pots)?
Sorry but I don’twant mess up things.

On my board the left 6 pots are 10k, the right 6 pots are all 50k, simples :slight_smile:

And yes, those pots by AR1 trig and AR2 trig are what I was talking about.

You solve my doubt. i think there is something weird in the bom not on the silkscrren.

Not really, the BOM lists the identifier of the component as show in the schematic. The silkscreen lists what that component does, not its part as on the BOM.

So R1 (Release 1) has the identifier R3 and R2 (Release 2) has the identifier R4.

It’s just slightly confusingly labelled on the silkscreen. Instead of R1 and R2 imagine Rel1 and Rel2 :slight_smile:

Even if you stuck a 10k pot in there it would probably still work, you would just be very limited in range.

6581 is correct. The R1 / R2 text printed on the silkscreen indicates the function of the knob ; not its schematics/BOM reference.

Oh, I’ve understood. Thanks mates.