Hi Olivier and all of you!
I’m now entirely new at this forum but I just discover
that there was a Sidekick kit two years ago and I want to know
if the PCB’s sidekick still exist and the case ( if the case was not the same of the shruti one?


The Sidekick is no longer available because it doesn’t work with 83% of the available Shruthi filter boards.

So I’m now 83% sad…

if you really want it you can make your own on perfboard, it’s not a terribly huge circuit

I Rosch. It’s and idea, but at first
i just have decided that i begin with de FM mods of '‘QP’'
for the audio in of my Shruti
I wonder what i can do sonically with that. :slight_smile:

I had some sidekick boards made a year ago… I really love my sidekicks… I have a SMR4 and a polivoks now.
I made mods for both. For those 2 it’s easy to implement. It’s also easy to add a GATE IN.
I’m planning to build a special extended dual SVF sidekick control board on perfboard. But i don’t know if i will ever find the time for it. The idea is to copy the circuitry and add an extra LFO and AR envelop for controlling the second filter. Add switches for all the filter modes. And if i get this to work i want to try if i can add the ‘SDE mods’ to the dual SVF mod. This would be x2 so i will have ended up with a monstrous board by this time.

I also wonder if it wouldn’t actually be easier to do all the functions of the sidekick board with an arduino or something similar.