Sidekick with 4-Pole Mission filter board?


Would the new 4-pole mission filter board work with the the Sidekick??


Not unless you are prepared to modify the filter board.

You would need to somehow generate the Signal the Shruthi delivers to the 74xx595 shift register. Or you simply get the schematics for a 595 and replace the Chips output with some 1PDT Toggel Switches that switch GND/+5V and see what happens - that would be the more SideKick Way :wink:


Heres a quick and Dirty Hacking Guide:

  • remove the 595
  • the green pads are the ones that further switch something on the board using the 4053 and 4051 so you have to feed in something here - connect each pad either to +5V (red pad) or GND (blue Pad). USe some Breadboard Wires. If you don’t connect these Pads the are Floating and the Value will be unpredictable (aka SideKicky)
  • from the schematics Q1-Q3 switch the 4053 to which various WaveShaping thingies are connected, so likely here the resonance Flayours are switched
  • Q4-Q6 goe to the 4051 that switches several different sets of LP1-4 Outputs via the Resistors above to the OutputAmp - so here you likely switch the different Filter Modes.
  • You can’t do any damage if you don’t short anything - so go on and try!

Without a manual switching mechanism (as detailed above) it will be in the default mode all of the time.

I guess you might be able to use a spare digital control board to control the filter mode but feed the CV with a sidekick. Big mess of cables and you would need to power the control board from another filter board that doesn’t have the second port (SMR for example).