Sidekick Troubleshooting

I’ve built many a Shruthi box successfully, but I’m stumped on this latest Sidekick build. This may be a RTFM issue, but I’m not sure. I can’t seem to get any ‘real’ response from the AR2 button in conjuction with the Attack 2 and Release 2. The AR1 side seems to work as it should as does everything else. All the lights illuminate and blink as they should. When AR2 is pressed, the LED comes on and eventually decays and goes out, but I don’t hear anything change, regardless of where I set the other knobs. In some knob configurations, pressing it will make the signal slightly louder, and then it decays. Can someone clue me in to a ‘knob configuration’ where I can tell that it’s doing what it should be doing and describe what it should sound like? And if not, where should I look under the hood to see if everything is getting the proper voltages?


Set LFO2>VCA to 0 and AR2>VCA to its maximum value.

AR2 will control the volume envelope.

That did it Works! Thanks for you help! Just noticed that my Sidekick acrylic enclosure says “AR1>VCA” when the PCB reads AR2>VCA. Huh.

Its not a Bug, its a Feature ™