Sidekick pots

ok ok ! i’m a newbe of DIY and forum lol
i just order a shruti-1 and a sidecick pcb, i live in reunion island and it’s hard to find electronics part !
i almost find what i need to make the sidekick but the logaritmic pot are hard to find and the cost of the delivery is 5x expansive than the pots
i have a korg nanokontrol can i use this pots
or i find similar but in 10k not in 50k or 100k can i use this ?
Please help me and apologise for my english mates !

Hello newbie du DIY je viens de commander un shruti-1 et un pcb sidekick…
J’habite à la Réunion et ici c’est la grosse galère niveau composants ect…
J’ai tout trouvé a des prix raisonnable pour mon sidekick sauf les fameux : Logarithmic pot/100k or 50k TYPE : Mouser 688-RK09D113F25C0A
Bref il est facile de trouver cette réf mais le vrai problème c’est les frais de port… J’ai a ma disposition un KORG nanokontrol que ma fille a dégommée Comment savoir si je peu récupérer les potentiomètres ?
ou alors j’en ai trouvé des similaires mais avec une fréquence 10k au lieu de 100k ya moyen ?
Please help me ! Aidez moi svp !


Sorry, I meant ADC.

VA synths or controllers work this way: the pots are voltage dividers generate a linearly varying voltage between 0 and Vcc ; this value is fed into an ADC ; and the internal synth engine / MIDI handler generates event from the value. The value of the pot has no impact on the circuit ; and the response of the pot must be as linear as possible (from that any curve can be generated in software).

This is different in an analog circuit where the pot is often used as a resistive element within the circuit, for example to control the frequency of a RC network. In this case response curve and value matter.

can you explain ‘‘they are fed into a DAC’’ please

A 100k, logarithmic pot is required. Using a different value will give incorrect envelope times and LFO speeds (10k : 10x faster envelopes and LFO) ; and you’ll need to compensate by increasing the size of capacitors up to unreasonable values.

The Nanokontrol is using linear pots (they are fed into a DAC).

thx if i understand i can’t use these of the nano DOMMAGE !
I hope i can find a solution to get them white a little cost of delivery…
If somebody in France know a solution for me or can get for me it would be great i have family in lyon so… i can call on a phone (fixe) for free SEND ME A message nic-o-taf(at)hotmail(dot)com
thx to all

Yesterday, I ordered some from Digi Key! Too bad a little too late, ordered only 6 for my Sidekick!

I also had the problem! 20 bucks 4 shipping! But I need more stuff so I came over € 65!
And a hugh Reichelt order too :slight_smile:

i usually get my alpha pots from musikding or banzai if i take just a few. for bigger orders i can recommend smallbear.
i don’t know how much shipping to france is, could be the same as for the 6 pots.
but they have knobs and other useful stuff too

i can’t wait i order to digikey for me and a friend so they are no shipping to pay
thx guy’s !