Sidekick PCB + Shruthi-1 kit (SMR-4) vs. 4-Pole Mission

Hi, I have the opportunity to either get:

A) 1x Sidekick PCB, 1x Sidekick Enclosure and 1x Shruthi-1 kit (SMR-4)


B) 4-Pole Mission Kit

I’m not very familiar with M.I. yet. Which option do you think would bring me more range in terms of sonic possibilities?


You will need another filter board if you want to use the Sidekick and the Shruthi-1 at the same time. The Sidekick needs its own filter board.

If you want to create weird and wonderful sound effects then the Sidekick is fun. It’s your own personal Forbidden Planet soundtrack :slight_smile: but it’s not a synth as such.

The Mission kit is out of stock at the moment? (waiting for some cases).

Personally, I think you will find that you will end up with both. So it’s more a case of what to get first :slight_smile:

The SMR4 Shruthi-1 kit is “all parts included” and has step by step assembly instructions. It’s a relatively simpler build compared to the 4PM. If you are a beginner, this is an important factor!

start with the SMR and later you’ll want the 4PM as well.
I agree starting with the SMR is the safer option. And anyway, the SMR, while being relatively simple as a filter, sounds totally great, especially the new MKII for what I’ve heard.

The SMR4-MkII filter does indeed sound excellent, and if you find you enjoy the soldering experience there are several easy ‘hacks’ that you do with it so it has a few of the extra features of the 4-pole Mission, to see if this inspires you to buy that as well :wink: