Sidekick materials - case/pcbs



yes, i did, but they seem to be invalid. tried to open them with firefox, safari and gimp, all of them should be able to cope with .svg files. but they don’t. or am i wrong?


links also don’t work. sorry.


two pics, wonder if they open …
another thing: could it be the only side concerned is the front panel & rest ist shruthi-1?


Yes only the frontpanel is different from the shruthi-1. But i would check the case files to be sure they are really compatible / similar.


if i could only find some.


Unfortuntely your version of the Kick is different from the one I have, so my case design won’t work.

To open the SVGs from Github:
click the link above, then click on one of the two files. Github opens a page saying “Sorry, this file is invalid so it cannot be displayed.” click on the RAW button top right, next to “Blame” and “History”. It will open a page with a lot of characters, then hit CTRL+S / CMD+S to save this to a file. You should now have an .SVG file somewhere on your harddrive. Use Inkscape (or any other application that can read/edit SVGs) to open this.


great, now they’re opening with gimp. thx a lot. trying my luck now w ponoko.


Oh no, don’t use GIMP. Use Inkscape.
Gimp is a pixel-based editor, but you want to use a vector editor.


Have this kind of case in stock.


looks cool. got a case cut by ponoko already, but how much would yours be?


How much did Ponoko asked for it?


acryl, minus a 20 dollar bonus for firsttime-order, incl. shipping from the us: 50 €
but: no caps, screws, nuts.
i’m really tempted by your offer, cause it looks quite robust. thing is though i bought the
sidekick for 130, so i have to think about relations …
pity i didn’t see your case before!


well, got my ponoko now and i’m not satisfied at all. so, if you tell me, how to
get one of yours …


Email me: