Sidekick materials - case/pcbs


Found case SVG in the git-hub, I looked there some time ago and it wasn’t there.



navigate rather from here:


i was speaking of mouser BOMs

edit : <- the “Mouser BOMs” page is not available from here, right?


note that the pots on the bom have a different hight … and no switch caps… but there have been some nice substitute mouser caps on the ambika thread…


noted and awaiting details, getting excited, hoping a kit from uk won’t take too long.


ok I fixed the wikibara link problem, it was a “Shruthi” vs “shruthi” link error.


send you an email… there’s a thread with mouser shopping baskets too but it’s difficult to find with the search function on this forum…


order for that case has been made along with my first shruthi kit + red alert case! (damn, now I have to pay that bill
looking forward)


So I get home today after watching the Colissimo site for days with my package ‘stuck in customs’ as late a yesterday only to find the peach colored postcard informing me that because I have a day job I have to wait another day for my Shruthi Kit! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! USPS better leave that baby on my porch love seat tomorrow or heads will roll (even though I can’t solder till Monday owing to flying to Austin for a wedding.)

Damnit, there go my plans to lock myself in the shop and pretend to fix important things when I am actually building important things!


Looking to get a case for the SideKick.


I also looking for 1 case, where is fcd? I need you : )


hi, old thread - but i just bought a sidekick, now i’m wondering if there’s still a possibilty to get a case for it. too bad i’m not really an engineer, just a fan of mi-synths, so i definitely need assistance.


There might be some files that you can use to have the case laser cut at any online service like Ponoko. Which version of the sidekick do you have… there’s different versions of it, which require a different case.


thx for the quick reply. almost too quick, since i don’t have it in my hands yet. but if there are files this would definitely help. keep you informed as soon as i know more.


Looks like all the files are gone from github, I do have some files for one of the later reissues though, so maybe when you have the PCB post a pic and I’ll see if it’s the same.



Oh that’s where it was! Makes sense!


got my sidekick now, sounds wild, but would probably sound even better w a case. reads flying kick, v0.2, guess that’s the version i got. great if there’d be some laser cut files still around.


Did you check the link Pichenettes posted above?