Sidekick Manual


I just finish my Sidekick (finaly !) and it seems working, but I would like
to have some details about all these functions / buttons.

Do you know if there is some kind of manual for the Sidekick ?

I’m a little lost

Oh … one more thing
is there a way to test all these functions ?
a kind of standard procedure ???


There’s nothing written besides this page

Some simple test procedure:

  • Set AR1->filter and LFO1->filter to 0.
  • Set AR2->filter and LFO2->filter to 0.
  • Send an input signal. Check that the cutoff / resonance knobs are working.
  • Set AR1->filter to the maximum value. Press the AR1 button to trigger the filter envelope, and check that A1 / R1 are doing their job.
  • Set AR2->VCA to the maximum value. Press the AR2 button to trigger the VCA envelope, and check that A2 / R2 are doing their job.
  • Set AR1->filter to the maximum value. Change the LFO speed. Wowowowowow.
  • Set AR2->VCA to the maximum value. Change the LFO speed. Hohohohoohoho.

Try changing the LFO waveforms. All good? Now set the resonance to the maximum value and make funny noises.

Heres the total + complete Reference Manual with all Tutorials, FAQ and Setup Procedures:

At least its how you feel after Playing around a whole evening with this thingy. Olivier should put a warning sign on this . . . . its highly addictive

Thanks ! but

Regarding the 4 tact switches :

  • When it temporarily routes the LFO … is it injecting it permanently ?
  • and when we triggers the AR envelope … how is it working ?
    Sometimes it produce a sound , but when I release it stops …
    Thanks to light a little bit my bulb :slight_smile:

@ fcd72


Pressing the switch 1 (2) routes LFO1 (LFO2) to the osc output while the switch is pressed.

Pressing the switch 3 (4) triggers AR1 (AR2). Depending on the position of AR1->Cutoff and AR2->VCA switch 3 will modify the cutoff and switch 4 will modify the volume.

If no audio source is connected to the sidekick, you need to set the resonance to its maximum value to get at least a sound source…