Sidekick gate in mod question

OK, i think i’m actually designing my first little circuit at the moment… And i could use some help.
i’m trying to make a gate in for the envelops on the sidekick. What i have now actually works… I want it to trigger both envelops at the same time.
The only problem is that i would like to have a circuit wich doen’t influence the working of the buttons… The way it works now is that it’s ok without a minijack inserted but with the minicak inserted the filter envelop button works normal bit the VCA envelop button triggers both envelops.
And i suspect there would even be a more simple solution using just one 2n3904. I tried some things using a diode but that didn’t solve it.

(and i should probably get an electronics book to really learn some of this stuff)

i found out :slight_smile: and fell in love with my polivoks sidekick at the same time…

thanks for this tips, we are not so much to own a finished and working sidekick !