Sidekick env/lfo triggers

Has anyone sorted out how one might trigger the sidekick’s envelopes or retrigger the lfos by external triggers? For example, using the gate pulse of a cv/gate synth to trigger the envelope?

I had the same thought but ended up sequencing the noise. I keep struggling to make it more musical I guess. More of something song/track like…

You could simply use an OpAmp as Buffer/Voltage Follower or some Kind of Schmidt Trigger and use a 4053 to pull the SideKicks Trigger line to the appropriate Level ( Vcc i guess).

Sidekick triggers are “S-triggers”. Look for “Gate to S-trigger” or “V-trigger to S-trigger” schematics.

@pichenettes so the existing manual trigs are interrupts? I built a v/s trig converter for my ms-10 so sounds like I’m halfway there. Could i literally replace the manual trig with one end of the converter? That sounds too easy to believe…

Yes, that’s it. Think of the transistor in the V->S trig converter as a voltage controlled switch.