Sidekick Bypass Switch

I’m currently in the process of obtaining a Sidekick. I have intentions of using it as a “guitar pedal”. I have been using my Anushri for this purpose for a while. But, it isn’t optimal for live performance as a guitar effect.

Can a bypass switch be easily installed in the Sidekick? (To clarify, I want to install a switch that routes the input straight to the output when engage.)


It should not be to difficult mounting a switch that routes the signal straight to the output. But you will need to do some modding like cutting traces.
What kind of box do plan to put it in? The plexi cases aren’t very good to use as a step on box…
I think there are also special bypass routing stompboxes…

It is in a plexiglass case, but I’m going to keep it above the ground, so I won’t need a Footswitch, specifically. A simple flip switch would suffice.

No cutting needed, just crisscross the signal via DPDT switch and connect to the headers next to the jacks

Ofcourse! the headers!

The headers became useful!

I would simply use an FX loop pedal to route the signal through or around the filter. They’re versatile things.

Yeah, I currently use a line switcher, to run my pedalboard through the filter or not through the filter. And send both outputs to my mixer. So, it serves a similar purpose to the FX loop, I suppose.