Sidechaining with ears

I have some thoughts about sidechain with ears.

think like this.

patch the base and send it to vca
then patch the kick or something else you want to duck with on the “in” signal on ears and patch to a vca via out in ears
then one paches envelope follower from ears to intellijel’s attenuator and makes it minus unipolar and sends it to resume on base channel.

Does this work?

or how have you done it?

I don’t make it work, Do i think wrong? Or can i do it another way ?

I include a picture of my current case, how would you have done to get sidechain effect on this system.

Hi Tony,

Veils do not provide offset so ducking will be hard.
I might be wrong or ignorant but think you might need another VCA with:

  • With offset and attenuverter (I think blinds can do that but not 100% sure ? )
  • With offset attenuator AND an inverter like intelijel uVCA + kinks

let’s assume:

  • Plaits will be your kick
  • Tides your bass

Bass in IN of the VCA.
You set a positive offset to this VCA
Plaits out in IN of Ears.
the env follower of ears in the CV control of the VCA ( with attenuverter on the negative side or - if no attenuverter - env follower output inverted by kinks)

Another options is Mutable streams (this is probably a more elgant solution since you can “duck/sidechain” only regarding specific frequencies …


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Tony1 mentions using an Intellijel attenuator to offset and invert the polarity of the envelope follower signal, so that should work with Veils indeed!

Maybe the envelope signal from Ears is not “contrasted” enough, and not only it needs to be inverted, but also amplified.

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Yup didn’t realize you can use the quadrat as an offset for the cv control in veils .

I think the patch should be something like That. Does it make it sense ?

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will test this as well as test with Kinks and ADSR and into a mult to get brighter separation for multiple sounds. have looked at steams and L-1 compressor, but first i will bring home my new macbeth dual vco and filter, if and when they come, are on the list so when he finishes the batch I will get them. you never know with Macbeth what year hehe but he has said July-Aug this year :slight_smile: expensive modules but people like macbeth and émilie ect. hard working engineers who run solo and believe in what they do, I happily give my hard working money to.

I’ve also been waiting for Émilie to update all the old modules with the new design to fit all the new modules look, its like looking at gems and Diamonds for me love them , just as Émilie has done with Ripples and shades and with some new features on like ripples.
I get extremely creative and just want to start using the modules just by looking at them with the new design

and I hardly want to say it, I wait and dream for clouds 2 or whatever name she chooses and if it comes and when, really understands the press to release a successor as an engineer. there are modules like clouds out with extended functions, but will only buy the original from Émilie.

I know i got realy of topic, get so excited when I talk MI modules :slight_smile:

Back to topic, Do you see other ways to separate the sound image in this system as it is now?

Best regards


so now i have tested and it works very well, however took 3 hours before i got pumpy and nice sideshain, very screwing on ears, veils and square. used studio electronics oscillation for the base patch it with modulation tides and rings and filters. get really bold with modulating FM and PWM with as the modules so finally I can make a bold modulated base that sidchain a kick from the plates. it is very difficult to control the volume levels as it is easily high :slight_smile:

thanks for the tip man.

Best regard


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