Side system for No Coast/Strega

Long straight short.

Had an initial foray into modular, freaked out, it went back.

Got a No Coast/Strega.

Very happy making drones.

Thinking about adding a complementary voice, with some sequencing, yet still retain an element of randomness.

So, Plaits and Marbles in a Pod32.


With the No Coast/Strega what do you find you wish you could do but can’t?

I’d probably want a bit more modulation too, so maybe add a Stages to the Plaits and Marbles? You’d need a Pod48 in which case.

A defined melodic line, which, of course, either can do, but not if they are deducted to contributing to the drone.

I started with an 0 Coast, and following a suggestion here or on Reddit I added a Warps as my first “real module”, quickly followed by Marbles and Links/Kinks.

Warps has so much to offer and I still have it in my rack many years later, I absolutely love the two ring mod algorithms, the crossfolder superb for destroying a signal with some audiorate modulation, the overdrive on the inputs…it’s all so good. You also get a VCO with VCA on channel 1 when you’re not using the channel 1 input. It really is a delight.

Marbles continues to surprise and delight and I feel links/kinks are no brainers as they will always be useful see here (Ideas for Links and/or Kinks?)

TL;DR, have you thought about Warps?

Perhaps you could start with a Korg SQ-1. They are cheap, don’t require rack space, use usb power, can be used as a sequencer, keyboard, crude sample and hold, can be master or slave clock.

Have a look at loopop’s 0-coast tips and tricks youtube review:

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This is what I ended up going with - I think it will suffice.

Thank you all for the contributions to the discussion.

Be well.

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Looks like you may have caught the bug!

Enjoy looks like fun set-up

With your setup you will get a lot more functionality out of ochd than you would links or kinks. Whether you want them to all have the same aesthetic is up to you.

Even though mutable modules cram a lot of functionality into each module you will probably find pretty quickly that you will ‘want for more’.

I find Stages to be the most useful of all the modules I have… even more so that I have installed the qiemem firmware.

And Ochd is the final module in the case - arrives tomorrow.

But today! Hearing Marbles drive interwoven melodies from Plaits (lead,) Strega (washes), and No Coast (bass), with Beads (unpatched in harmonic oscillator mode/organ) making a drone - I’m in awe.

And it’s only just begun!

I thought perhaps someone may enjoy the results of this thread.