ShruVSTi 1 First test

Cant afford to buy a Shruthi right now, so i am gonna need you guys to test these out for me until i can get one
This is just a first test of a few controls (Osc 1)
Refer to your hosts manual on how to set it up to send MIDI out to your Shruthi

What will it be ?
A VST to program and automate the Shruthi
If you don’t know what a VST plugin is, then you don’t need it :wink:

Give it a try and let me know if it works so far

Really stupid bug i just found hehe
Anyway same link, and i have added the controls for osc 2 aswell


Don’t have a Windows machine handy right now to test on, but quick question - are you writing this from the ground up, or using ctrlr to create it? Ctrlr’s got the appeal of being cross-platform, and might lead to quicker development time??


Works fine, this fisrt test is really good work :wink: I await the final result ^^


I was busy the past few days, but i will try and get a few hours in on this tonite hopefully :wink:


says link not found?

404 Not Found
The resource requested could not be found on this server!

Yeah i deleted it and forgot to upload the new version hahaha
At work now, but will try and remember when i get home :wink:


OK link will work again now
Added a bunch of stuff
Will sort out the rest and finish the UI soon :wink:


Is there any chance to see this project updated at some point ?