Shruti1/Phoenix from Tube Ohm problems [solved]

Hey guys and girls, i hope its ok to ask for help here, even if its not a real shruti but the phoenix.
I did build the Phoenix with the 4pm filterboard. Its now finished and when i turn it on, the display works fine but the sound coming out sounds pretty distorted. In fact the high frequencies and resonance sounds nearly allright but all low frequencies are between completely distorted and not there at all. The next strange thing is, that when i turn the right potentiometer, the display flickers like crazy as if it would go through thousands of settings in seconds. Parameters like cut off, resonance, wavetype and so on are controllable and you hear the sound changing. I allready doublechecked all components, they are all on the right places and are soldered well and in the right directions. Im happy for any tips on how to solve this or any hints what i can try. I also measured all 5v points as described in the diy manual and they are also allright. Also tried turning the tuning potentiometers. Thanks in advance for any tips!

Heres a video of it:

Have you activate the 4-Pole Mission filter board : select 4pm in the system settings page.
Or maybe not right hardware setting ? : power the Shruthi on with the encoder pressed. The screen displays which version of the hardware is currently active. Repeat the procedure until the correct version is displayed.

Oh my gosh you are a genius! Just 2 simple settings and it works right there perfectly. Thanks a lot i would have not found this in 1000 years!

Notre a genius : it already happened to me ; )