Shruti1 EDITOR Max patch

Here we go,

So it’s an alpha version, no final test (i’m at work without my synth):

  • I don’t know if the Live dial and slider will work for users which haven’t got M4L, if they don’t i will change them by normals ones


  • Change Dial for selecting different wave, by list menu (easy but i need to have the synth with me)
  • Preset command for the max native

IT’s an Alpha

… i’m a max newbie…

you can change the speedlim value for ur own install :wink:

cool! i have something in development similiarly for the wtpa. also look for dan nigrin’s wtpa max patch over on the wtpa forums. pretty cool stuff…

hmm would be great to have a vst version of it… would that be feasable?

Thanks for sharing EATYone! Yes, most of the live-based Max objects (including live.dial and live.slider) do work in regular Max patches too.

Here’s the WTPA software oootini mentioned above that I threw together:

Also, a bunch of other more complex Max creations that I’ve made are here:

@rumpelfilter: making a Max-based plugin would require a rework of this in Max 4 - not hard, but just takes a bit of time. I’ll put it on my list!

well having a vst would be nice to save presets in the sequencer… of course this can be done with sysex dumps, but it’s probably not as easy…

U CAN use this patch with max runtime (free) and i Will quickly add a preset manager :wink: , nô need for the M4L saving preset is just a dragndrop action :slight_smile:

great…thanks! now to get back to brooklyn and get to work on this. June can’t get here soon enough, eh.

So this is, in fact, related to your 16cc question. I was hoping so. Pretty rad man.

Is max runtime bundled/native with Live 8?
Will I need to install it to get it to work with earlier versions of Live?

Sorry, but I’ven’t delved into max at all.

Now I’ve got 10cc stuck in my head. That gives me an idea.

Max runtime is a standalone and u CAN use it with any daw u want via a virtual midi interface provided with Max

Arffffff a lot of bug inside especialy for recording in Live… I think i know why, so i will fix it as quick as possible (even if i’m the only one to use it lol)…

But after playing with it about one hour yesterday night ITS ENORMOUS WICH TYPE OF SOUND YOU CAN DO! automation on OSC wave is enormous

Yeah yeah yeah, one more time thnx Olivier for this putain de boite à sons énorme! (sorry fort the french sentence, here is a try of translation:" Thanck you Olivier for this “nice”(<-or fuckin like you prefer) little sounds box)

grrrrrrr the bug is not from me but from M4L grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Awesome piece of work EATYone :slight_smile:

However it didn’t work with my Shruthi-1, so I had a poke about and adjusted the controller numbers, and bingo, it all works perfectly.

I’ve uploaded the edited version to

That’s because it was a M4L patch for the Shruti-1 (the older version of what became the Shruthi).

I’ve posted a much updated version. see here…