Shruti XT init patch?


I just got a shruti XT, absolutely stunning synth. What I’m trying to work out is how the menu’s work. I’ve read the manual but I can’t get it to revert to an init patch. How is this done on the XT? I’ve tried almost every button in the save/browse menu.



Does this not work? (from the manual):

Special functions

While the browse page is displayed, hold S6 and press:

S1 to revert the current patch to init.
S2 to program random values into all the parameters of the current patch.
S3 to dump the current patch to the MIDI output as a SysEx block.
S4 to bring up the global backup page.

No I don’t think so… I think s1 - s4 are clickable encoders on the classic shruti? On the XT they are pots

>On the XT they are pots

No, they are the same as on the normal shruthi

no this is not the case they are the same, all pots

S1 … S6 = the six push buttons. Not the pots.

Thanks everyone, its indeed the buttons, it worked.