Shruti XT controller board: is an impedance of 358 Ohms between GND and +5V correct?

Hi everybody! I am slowly assembling one of the last XT kits available from Olivier. The filter board is ready and I’m finishing the controller board: presently it has all the passive components on it (resistors, caps, IC sockets, pots and switches), the ICs are still unmounted and I’m on the verge of soldering the display. During a routinary check, I measured an impedance of 358 Ohms between the GND and +5V pins of the 8-pin connector located at the left of the display. Is this value a suitable one, or do I have a problem?
Thanks for your help!

In most circuits the impedance you measure has almost no meaning at all. As long as its not too low (below 10 Ohms could be a short), you’re fine. Take Ohms law and go through it. 5V / 360Ohms results in 13mA. Even if that was the real impedance that will occur when the circuit is running (which it is not!), its far below anything critical.

Be aware that such measurement does tell you nothing apart from: There’s no short between the power rails.

@jookoo Shruthi XT has 28 10K potentiometers connected in parallel between GND and +5V. Their resistance is 10K / 28 = 357 ohm, so what your see is perfectly fine.