Shruti + Volca bass

Shake your head until it hurts

Those video clips sync too well to the beat.

I’ve been to parties where they played only this track for 12 hours…

Who was not ? The good ole wild days…ahem, nights


Very nice. Time to go work on my new song…!


Nice track. And absolutely fantastic video!

Pure awesomeness. Is the Shruthi used as the kick drum or you meant “Volca Beats” ?

This’d make a decent groove in a piece of wax.

thx ! Shruti is used for the synth line only (drums are on the korg esx). Volca bass plays the same line with the 3 oscillators detuned. The volca bass audio out is plugged to the shruti audio in because although it’s nice to have 3 oscs on the volca, the filter is shit. The effect at around 5’ is the volca LFO set to max.