Shruti programmer connections

Help…little problem with connections of programmer.
I have build a diy programmer for my shruti, then i connect his 6 poles outputs to the shruti digital board using the pictures in Flickr instructions…so as follow : first 5 cables counting from the led to the output expansion connector (6 poles here ,the upper one of six left without connection??? Right?)
The 6th pole Farrar from led o programmer connected to cv1 on digital board.
It’s correct? It seems not working…arghhh

Which Shruthi version do you have? is it the SMR-4 version? I know connections differ between filter boards

The Rightmost Pin seen from Top (next to the LED) goes to the lowest Pin on the Output Expander on the Digital Board (which is +5V), then comes GND, Q7(Data), Clk, En, the 6th Pin from the Programmer Board goes to CV1 Input on the Shruthi, which is the 10th Pin counted from below, labeled IN1 (rectangular Pad). Does the LED Light up on the Programmer?

I’m trying with a smr4 , and shruti is from polivoks pair .
Boards seems right connected , programmer led light up …but parameters (for example on adsr page) In LCD blinking and floating in value, look like a missing connection on inputs expansion connector when prgm is setted on cv parameter

Whats the Voltage on the Pots Rails?

I’ve tried now with another shruti digital board ,the problem still remain, but if I set prgm and I leave unconnected the 2 expansion connectors i observe the same instability on cv parameters, look like something unconnected

+5 v – gnd on pots …
pots are 10k audio , but i try with one only connected, only one 4051 on socket

Every unconnected Pot will produce floating values… Pots should be 10K LINEAR not 10K LOG.

Yes I realize now that floating values are the unconnected missing pots , pots are linears, I’ll try to connect everything.
However the pot connected is not recognised now i’ll try a general debug.
P.s. possible to order a programmer pcb or kit?

Try to set all Pots to Max and trace the CV Line from the Pots to the Connecotrs and from Pin 3 of every 4051 to CV1 In on the Shruthi.

Regarding Kits just wait a few days, there will be Full Kits available…

I’ll made a general debug tomorrow, thanks, let me in waiting list for a kit ! My proto is a little confused :wink:

Make triple sure your top wire is connected to IN1 on the Control Board. That was my dumb moment for the year :slight_smile:

ooops…voila’ the mistake , i connect the 6th cable from the programmer on pin labeled “CV1<” (the 7th pin from upper side in control board)
So if i understand, the right pins is labeled “IN1>” (the 6th pin from upper side of control board) ---- correct?? confirm??
(if i connect this pin all blinking and floating seem stop it :slight_smile: )
Now i go bed but i’ll dream my finally working shruti programmer!

Yes, it’s IN1> (input). CV1< is a CV output for controlling filters, not for receiving voltages (I hope you have not damaged the MCU by shorting this pin to the programmer output).

SHIT! One Kit less sold :wink:
Confirm, 6th hole from the top on a REV0.7 Digital Board. Honestly: post a Pic when done, great Job iorobyy - I’m seriously interested in seeing it!

Oh, and BTW, the very first Proto on a 0.5 Board back then suffered from the same Mistake when plugged in for the very first Time - History is repeating.

:smiley: I knew it was worth repeating.

Stil interested in programmer kit , my prototype is too “experimental” …in chaos the creation and after creation the beauty will be

Stil interested in programmer kit , my prototype is too “experimental” …in chaos the creation and after creation the beauty will be

See here

ok! shruti programmer is finaly working…i’m assembling all the pots…oh my diy happiness! — so the problem was the mistke on cv 1 / in 1 pin…and …dont leave anything unconnected! …lazy man! ;o)