Shruti (NOT Shruthi) patches and manual?

Hi all - long time no post! I was a builder of one of the original Shruti (NOT Shruthi) synth kits that Olivier made available (along with pretty much every other early MI product), and also I’m the co-creator of Cyclic together with him.

Here’s my build of the product I’m talking about.

Are there any patch archives for this synth? And does anyone have the manual for it?

Here’s a PDF export of the manual.

shruti1_doc.pdf (485.5 KB)

I don’t think there has ever been a patch sharing area on the old forum dedicated to Shruti-1 patches, especially since I’ve sold about 50 of them. Things really took off in september when I released the Shruthi.

That’s awesome, thanks Olivier! A piece of history right there - I had forgotten how few Shruti-1’s are out there. I have a collector’s item on my hands! :wink:

And understood re: the patches - was definitely the early days…