Shruti kit - film cap damaged :(

Hi all,

I’m currently assembling my shruthi-1 kit. Everything was going really wel, until I made an incredibly stupid and clumsy move with my soldering iron. The result is that I damaged 1 of the 4 film caps. It seems to be only the “casing” of the cap, but still :frowning:

Am I correct in assuming that I’ll need to find a new one, or can this one still be used? Does anybody know of a way to check if the capacitor still works, and if they are safe to use with a damaged casing? The only instructions I can find on checking these things don’t seem to apply to small capacitors like these.

If you have a multimeter which can measure capacitance, you can give it a try. This happened to me once and the cap did not survive. On the SMR4mkII circuit, if one of these caps fail, the filter will lose 6dB/Octave of slope (less filtering) and the resonance will lose strength.

The plastic film inside the cap will be damaged as soon as you damage the plastic sleeve of the capacitor. I would assume that cap to be a goner and source some spares.

Thanks for the quick reply. My multimeter doesn’t measure capacitance unfortunately.

Seems like I’ll have to find some spares indeed. Bummer…