Shruti half success?

I gang
My first shruti for now is an half success.
I have to explain:
first, the power supply of smr4 was ok. So I continued and near the end
I lost C10 when Iwas cutting its legs. it flew out of reach in the garbage.
I never found it. grrr. Now I,ll have to go to the store with C13 to be sure that they give me another one.
So, I let this and decide to build the control board. and succed after resoldered the LCD trimmer twice. I connected the two boards to give it a try and now, leds and LCD are OK. I was proud!
But I was thinking I could not listen to the output due to the fact it lacks two C’s.
Actually C10 and C13. But when I was trying the power supp. I found that regulator
IC9 (LM7805?) became really hot compare to the other regulator. Is it normal?


Whats the Input Voltage of your PSU? IF it is above 9V when the Filter Board is attached the 7805 has to radiate all this excess power to switch down the Voltage to 5Vso it gets hot.

Yes, LM7805 (5V regulator) is hotter than the other one – it has to handle power for the analog circuitry the digital circuitry and LEDs/LCDs – while the LM7905 (-5V regulator) handles power regulation for the analog circuitry only.

Have you followed the procedure to identify where the signal chain is broken? There’s a good chance the filter won’t work without C10.

I will return to my appartment tomorrow, with a new C10 ( 100pf), solder it and I will see.
I will follow the procedure if I cant hear a sound.
yes my PSU is 9V 700ma.

Soon I will tell you.

Thanks fcd and Olivier…


@pichenettes or fcd72
for my shruti SMR4mk2
I can’t find the actual C10 in store, the 100pf 50V
but they tell me I can use a 100pf 100V
what do you think of this??


It will work.

ok thanks Olivier…

the voltage ratings on caps are always maximum values.Thats why 100 instead of 50 is no problem