Shruti cryptic messages

tonight the Shruti surprised me. during a jam session the display suddenly switched to sth like arkanoid mode. the last thing i just did was setting modulation source env to resonance amt -63, having res set to highest in filter menu. but i had already had the impression before this happened that it somehow sounded “different”, actually softer and the 1>2 math was really low volume compared to 1+2. the xes were just moving when i pressed keys on the keyboard or turned some knobs.
i took a few fast videos, with the cellphone. bummer is, i had switched off the mic the last time i did the os update video, and it was still switched off. so no sound, but while these Xes and not-Xes were floating the sound was really really awesome and it was still responding to value changes and everything.
switching off and on did the repair!


btw how can i post a video right here?

I don’t think a message received by MIDI could put the synth in a state where weird stuff is sent to the LCD. I will check the LCD code again but I explicitly disable the character (124) which is used for sending the special commands to the LCD. That’s why the | character is not used anywhere in the UI, by the way…

Immediate action will be to add a “panic” mode to the firmware so nobody is stuck in case it happens again. If someone else has observed the bug once I’d love to know more about it. It happened to me once, but last december…

Regarding the embedded HTML: the part of textile that allows you to embed HTML is disabled, for security reasons (I don’t want someone to register here and post some code that will steal your cookies…).

Those “x” are the LCD display interpreting 2400bps data as 9600bps data. How could it happen? I make sure that special commands like the one setting the baud rate cannot be sent to the display by accident (for example by naming a patch with the right sequence of chars) ; so my safest bet would be that the display reset itself for some reason, and by default it restarts up in 9600bps mode. It shouldn’t make anything sound different… Or maybe the LCD reset is a consequence of a larger problem which also explained the different sound.

thanks for the info on video, i’ll delete the code then.

i’m not too sure about the sound, as i can’t tell exactly which settings i had at the time. and i’m still not very experienced with the synthie. later the 1>2 math appeared to be louder again.
but i can confirm that the display reset itself before x mode.
it was the first time this happened.

one thing comes to my mind: i have the shruti temprarily fixed on top of a small cardboard box and had it lying on a vz-1 keyboard to control it (right where the vz has some of its controls). could it be that it accidently pressed some button on the keyboard while i was fiddling around and the vz then sent some strange message to the shruti?
or should i rather check soldering again?

That’s remember me the old bug you fix for me when midi was sent before turning on the shruti (no more problem for me) the screen was exactly the same.