Shruti 4 Pole Mission - LED Eyes don´t blink

Hey fellows,
i´ve got a problem with the led wolfs eyes of the shruti 4pm.
I decided to let both leds blink with alternating pattern and soldered two 10k resistors into the board.
If i power up the shruti nothing happens with the leds. If i browse through the presets the leds light up constantly (but don´t blink) only at preset 13 “teebee” and 119 “planetsx”.
Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Greets from cologne.

did you push the resonance parameter and tried to play with filter self-oscillation?

that and the modulation wheel!

Indeed, they light up when things get wobbly or screechy :slight_smile:

dammit ! that´t it !
thanks boys