Shruti-1 soundcloud group

building mine today, so hopefully will have stuff to add before long. sign up!

Cool, I’ve just sent the very first track I got from the second tester!

great idea! sending stuff now!

Do you want stuff that is made with just shruti-1? Or are other instruments along with shruti-1 ok?

well actually I was wondering that as well…

i just made a really quick demo of the shruti-1 doing a bassline, a 606 and an 808.

just some random noodling that i did 5 minutes after i’d finished building it. man, that Curtis VCF sounds incredible. if you like i’ll post it to the soundcloud group.

na, as long as the shruti is in there somewhere i’d say it goes in!

just finished our build. all good, having difficulty with midi, but we’ll figure that out…

I should receive a CNY17 along with other things this week - so next weekend I’ll confirm if it works better than the 4N28. I’ve seen it used in a bunch of schematics on a french DIY site, so it looks like it’ll be a good fix.