Shruti-1 Knob for selecting transistors Resonance Modd

Hello Everybody

I’m searching some things:

1. A knob with a function that i can select a transistor with 33K or 22K (selectionable). Any suggestions on
2. Again a knob, wich i can select 2 or 4 poles… Ideas? :wink:

Cause i have no idea wich one i need, it would be awesome if somebody can help me…

Best, john :slight_smile:

I think what you need are toggle switches, not knobs.

When you have 2 possible, discrete selections, it makes more sense to have a toggle switch.

There are rotary switches also, but they´re more difficult and expensive to source.

Toggle switches are easy to find.


And how much must be the volts and mA ? At minimum?

I saw this one:


Is this for a synth or a chainsaw?

I would technically work, but I think that it would not be very confortable.

think along these lines:

Voltage or amps are never an issue, the Shruthi is mostly 5 volts, so all you want to look for, is style, size and type.

Hope this helps!

@pichenettes: Sorry, but i’m not an electronica freak. Because of that, i’m asking strange questions and hoping, to receive some help…

@Varthdader: Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Voltage / Amp ratings are important if you are using these switches on high power devices with motors, compressors, etc. But you’ll be using these for switching a few volts and a few mA - these ratings do not matter here.

Hey pichenettes

Thanks… So, one guy explained me the following.

mA if a synth needs 750mA and i have a DAC with 2000mA, that doesn’t hurt the synth, cause the synth is using only 750mA…

That’s true.


Ohh, why i did not learn the job electronica… :((((