Shruti 1, in a vinyl

Hello, I make a trak with my Shruti 1, a Speak and spell and C64. it’s in a vinyl, you can listen hear…

“After 3 years of waiting, here is the third volume in the compilation series initiated by Ego Twister records in 2005. The label invites la crème of the international underground volunteer artists, online heroes of nameless musical movement, liquidating pop and electronic music lagacies. This new Party Ruiners is like the previous episodes a puzzling hybrid musical object, ogling in every direction and chosing to never stop anywhere. Those musicians, fed with all azymut eclectism, are dancing on the ruins of mass culture, dissolved into the numeric ether, where very music genre belongs to them.”

Great track! And the LP has some wonderful artwork! I’d buy one if I had a recordplayer…

Good track … happy to hear a Speak and Spell and some vintage stuff…

If you want to add midi control of your speak and spell, i’m currently working on a Arduino Shield to generate sound and glitch with the speak and spell controlled in midi. (the shield can also act as midi Shield too)

I will probably sell few PCB or Kit if people are interested. But not in december because i need to manufacture the new version of prototype PCB in early January. (the first one contain design errors :slight_smile:
You can take a look at :

I work actualy with a midispeak from highlyliquid in keyboard mod, and circuit bending. but i’m potentialy interrested by your kit.

We make a video clip for this song


It has quite the same functionnality as a highlyliquid midispeak but Arduino based and open source … you can add what you want, for example a midi controlled pitch or LFO … etc …

BTW, great video …

Hi Xray303,

Your project sounds very interresting! Will it be usable as a MIDI interface for other instruments than the speak and spell?

I was looking for an arduino based alternative to Highly liquid products to midify some bended toys, and i was astonished that I couldn’t find a project like that. I’m unfortunatly not a coder myself to create it.

Thanks also to the people who will have a look and ear to this record. Actually i’m running this little label :slight_smile:



Sorry to come back so lately, but didn’t saw the reply.
I just released the code and schematics.
It could be used to midify other bended toys but then the interface will be useless and can be used as a Arduino midi shield only. So you will need to add some other electronics and change the code.

Love the track. Is there a digital version available for sale/download?