Shruti-1 CC question

I know I’m the only person still using an original shruti-1, so I’ll understand if there isn’t much advice, but has anyone mapped CC’s? Trying not to re-invent the wheel, but reference is scarce…

Thanks in advance.

You are not the only one, I’m with you…
Olivier should provide you with a link, hopefully…

Shruti-1 receives CC 16 to 31 and 102 to 113

16 to 32 maps to first 16 parameters on the first four pages (OSC 1, OSC2, MIXER, FILTER).

102 to 113 maps to the next 12 parameters on the following three pages (ADSR1, LFO, ADSR2).

So now I have a general controller I can use through Energy XT2, my computer sequencer, with which to do live editing of voices. (posting generic pic of gui panel l8tr tonight.) Cntlr is a great little proggy!

Thanks pichenettes!