Shruti-1 - Calculator edition

Im currently building a case for my synth that looks like this:

the pieces are all cut out (with my brothers cnc-cutter) from 2mm plywood and partially assembled.
ill post more pictures when its all built & painted.

If anyone wants the sketchup-files i can post them here as well.

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glitched: Its more fun to compute!

Well. The box is finished! I have documented most of the progress.
check it out here:

thanks for a great synth and a fun project!
Ill be posting some tunes soon!

That green machine turned out pretty damn good. The monster center bolt it the best!

11hz: thanx! i like the bolt to! =)

Nice work :slight_smile: I couldn’t really get a “feel” for it from your plans but the photos of the finished product are really cool.

electrodruid: thank you. =D

whoaa, super nice! love the artwork too :slight_smile:

blue_lu: im glad you liked it!

Love the whole story board!

Nice job! And beautiful result!

eatyone: =DDD

i think this is a very friendly forum. glad i found it!