Shruti-1 button1/2 boost behaviour

Dear Group, i bought Last Night a shruti polivoks second hand and i have a Problem with the first two buttons.
For example when they are selectet the page is boosted( Louder) than Not selected. First i thought i had some strange settings, but the filter works fine in the presetmenu. I have the Same Problem when i enter the sequencermode. The pages on button one and two were boosted. Does anybody know about this?

Looks like the LEDs data is set to the filter. And why does it happen? Probably because the filter type is not set to “pvk”. Have you adjusted the filter type setting? Can’t believe the person who built it let such a serious mistake go!

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hi pichenettes, thank you for your quick reply. I just got the hands on yesterday so i don’t know much about the inner values of the shruti yet. where can i set up the filter type? best, marian

— well okay in the global settings :slight_smile: thx i am now a proud owner of a shruti.

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