Shruti-1 audio pots ground wiring question

as all leds/switches/pots are ending at ground i simply strap wired the ground line and intend to hit the board in just one spot, probably at a switch pad, because of their size. as shown in the pic i have connected the ground of the audio voulume pots (orange), the edit pots (yellow), the leds (green) and the switches (blue) to one main line and like to connect this at point B to the board’s ground.

after soldering i noticed that the audio pots are located at the main pcb. now my question:
would it be better to split the audio pots’ ground from the remainder and wire them separately to their dedicated pads in order to avoid noise and/or ground loop?
personally i’d tend to try if it works & maybe change it later, but i thought i better ask in advance this time…
any advice?

I recommend you to split the grounding.


Nice work, BTW rosch!