Shruti-1 12 volt?

will the shruti-1 be fine with 12 volt?
im thinking of powering it with my portable boombox.
car battery powered.

Should be no problem.

yup that works. even more. but the higher v you input the hotter get the vregs.

You can easily power it with 12v, i do so on mine, withouth heatsink… (Might add one at some random time… Have them here, but dont want to disassemble the shruthi for it)

nice! thanx guys. then i know i wont burn it up!

We could try to trick you…

…But we wouldn’t, would we, fcd?

Who knows?

Not us.

why would you trick me?

Because we can? Just kiddin.

No, honestly, 12V is no Problem.